The Global Humanity Initiative defines our partners as other like-minded non-profits, for-profit, or non-governmental organizations who share our passion for improving the lives of impoverished elders around the world. Here, you can learn about those who share our goals to lift up others.

During 2020, we will be working to identify other elder care homes in Nepal that are worthy of further investigation as potential partners for The Global Humanity Initiative.

Senior Citizen Nursing Care Home, Pharping

Temple garden PharpingJust 19km outside of the city, spread across the Kathmandu Valley, is the town of Pharping. It is the home to Dakshinkali, the temple dedicated to the goddess Kali.

This elder care home is situated on the Narayan Temple grounds, along with a Hindu Narayan Temple and a Buddhist monastery and temple where Padmasambhava emerged after being enlightened in a cave further up in the village hills.

Supported entirely by community donations and volunteers, elders of varying backgrounds live here. Some have children who live in other countries; others have been put out into the streets by their children. All share the common need for a safe place to live and food to eat. This is where our President and Founder, Alicia, spent three weeks of her 2017 Nepal journey, and where The Global Humanity Initiative was born.

During the earthquakes of 2015, the community came together to encourage the elders to leave their rooms in the event an aftershock brought the entire dormitory down; they refused. The elders said that if it was their fate to die in their rooms during an earthquake, so be it. While the dormitory remained standing, it was damaged during the earthquakes; further damage has threatened the integrity of the entire building as a result of the heavy rains during the 2019 monsoon season.

We cherish the elders at this home as if they were our family, and we are grateful for their love and affection whenever we visit.

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