The Global Humanity Initiative defines our partners as other like-minded non-profits, for-profit, or non-governmental organizations who share our passion for improving the lives of impoverished people around the world.

Chhatrapati Free Clinic, Chhatrapati, Kathmandu

This non-profit clinic and hospital serve the poorest in Kathmandu, with outreach programs across the city. They have trained with National Geographic on search and rescue tactics, and, after the earthquakes of 2015, they were the source of free resources across the Kathmandu Valley. We work both with them and through them to serve the impoverished children and elders in the city and the Valley. See the ways in which we’ve partnered with them.

Senior Citizen Nursing Care Home, Pharping

Located in the Kathmandu Valley, in one of the most significant religious areas for both Hindus and Buddhists alike, this elder care center was started as a partnership with a group of nurses from the city of Kathmandu and a local NGO in Pharping called Bajra Matrix. It is heavily supported and loved by the local community. In an era in which Nepali children are putting their elder parents out in the street, these seniors would have nowhere else to live if it weren’t for this facility. Our work directly benefits the elders here through building and grounds improvements and life enrichment programs, run in conjunction with other partners. View our projects.

Corona School, Banisthali, Kathmandu

Ranked as one of the highest rated Western schools in Kathmandu, Corona focuses on both the Nepali curriculum as well as a Western curriculum. Their priority is on the development of good human beings, and they recognize that not every student will excel in academics; instead, many students will find their talents in music, art, or athletics. They hold a zero tolerance policy for bullying and disrespectful treatment of others at both the student and staff level. Learn more about the school and our upcoming projects with Corona School.

Sampurna Children’s Home, Pharping

We were first introduced to this children’s home in January 2019 when they visited with the elder care center in Pharping. We are delighted to be in discussions with them about future needs and projects.