Drowning in Now: A Search for God and Humanity at the Top of the World, is an account of Alicia’s three-month journey in Nepal, where she answers the question “Why not me?”, and takes to Kathmandu’s streets to feed the homeless elders and teens.

In a world where people have struggled to rise above the caste system, but have never quite left it behind, Alicia finds herself challenged by a homeless man’s statement that humanity is his religion. While she journeyed to Nepal to volunteer at elder care homes in Kathmandu and the valley, she finds herself unable to sit on the sidelines, passively observing, and reports the first facility she stays at to the Women and Social Welfare Ministry for squalid conditions.

As she tries to move out of the facility, her doorway is blocked by two residents who yell at her. Ultimately, Alicia is forced to shed her independent streak and rely on her new friends and family to find her way. As she searches for the reason behind why she chose this three month journey, she draws strength from the words of Mother Teresa, and comes to discover a confidence and bravery that had lay hidden just beneath her surface.

Fifteen percent of all proceeds from the sale of this book support the global non-profit, The Global Humanity Initiative.

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