This is Ramdevi. She was found living in the streets, and has been with this elder care home since it was built. Ramdevi is at least 70 years old, but can’t recall her age. Her only real memory is of her husband, who used to be a driver. He would come home after work at night and give her his pay for the day. She also recalls him bringing her clothes to wear and taking very good care of her. Ramdevi has said that she has one son and two daughters, but doesn’t know where they are. She cannot even recall where she is from.




Meet Kapitah. As with many other Kathmandu elders impacted by dementia, she was found living in the streets.
Her legs have always been folded irreparably against her body, and her finger seems deformed from birth. When asked about her history, Kapitah begins to cry. It is likely she doesn’t recall very much. We believe she is also more than 70 years old. She was living with Ramdevi, another elder, and the woman who is now the live-in caregiving supervisor, before this elder care home in Pharping was built.




Rudra in Nepal
Rudra was recently put into the streets by his four children, who all live in Pharping. He was told, at first, that they couldn’t afford to feed him anymore. So he went out into the streets, thinking, “I will walk, and where I drop, I will die.” He found his way to the elder care home, where the young man who runs it was able to feed him during the day. Unfortunately, Shaha did not have room for Rudra. We all thought that he was going back to one of his sons’ homes to sleep at night, only to discover that they had also started to put him into the streets many nights, saying they didn’t have room for him. Shaha has been able to safely house him now, and we have discovered that Rudra’s children gave away — or threw away — all of their father’s belongings long ago.