Located in one of the most revered religious areas for both Hindus and Buddhists alike, the Senior Citizen Nursing Care Home, in Pharping, in the Kathmandu Valley, was damaged during the 2015 earthquakes which devastated the region. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, their wash facility was rebuilt in 2018, with additional grounds improvements in 2019. Our previous and upcoming projects are outlined below.

Above, the old wash facility (on the left) was cracked and leaning; with a water storage tank on its roof, it could collapse any day. The new facility (on the right) includes space for an office and storage, and frees up two rooms in the dormitory building. This enables the home to house up to six more homeless elders.

Additional grounds improvements were made, enabling the elders to move about with greater safety on the property. Above, left and center photos show the rocky, uneven ground; after, decorative cement and planting areas adorn the seating area.

Upcoming construction project: The work continues at the elder care home. In addition to needing a security gate from the main road up to the grounds, and the entire dormitory needs to be demolished and rebuilt; the roof of the dormitory is rotting and falling in, and the walls are cracked and moldy. The Global Humanity Initiative is in the process of identifying grant monies that may assist with this massive undertaking.