Our work is focused on improving the lives of impoverished children and elders around the world. Click on the links below to view our work. If you want to support a particular project, please specify the project on our online donation form.

  • Better Education for a Better Tomorrow  We are fighting to give the teachers the tools they need to be more successful, and to show them that beating the children for performing poorly isn’t helping anything.
  • Children’s Dental Campaign  Children’s toothbrushes are difficult to find, and very expensive in Nepal. We provide opportunities for impoverished children to start off right with proper dental care and better health.
  • Corona School Children’s Home  Partnering with the prestigious Corona School in Kathmandu, we are helping to give children from the surrounding villages a safe place to live while they attend school, and we sponsor education for girls.
  • For Every Elder, A Home  In an era where Nepalis are putting their parents out of their homes, and where many elders have no children left to take care of them, we want to ensure no elder lives in the streets.
  • Wheels for Kapitah  This crippled and impoverished woman has never walked a day in her life, and is only able to creep along on the ground. We want to design a custom, electric wheelchair to finally give her some freedom and joy.
  • Serving Homeless Elders in the Streets  While we can’t find homes for every elder, we can offer food and water and a little paisa (money) from time to time.