In the remote Tamang village of Sindhuli Beltar, life is simple. The locals see joy in every day.

As with any tribal lifestyle, it is becoming more difficult every year for the village to remain where they are and continue to thrive; in many ways, their way of life is dying. The only hope for the children of this community is a better education.

In Nepal, corporal punishment is illegal. Still, the children in Sindhuli Beltar return home from school in tears, bruises showing on their forearms and hands. Many children fight against going to school, fearing the beatings they know they are going to endure. Complaints to the local district office yield nothing; if the district fires the teachers, there is no one left to educate the children.

Since there is no formal training required to become a teacher in Nepal, the teachers at this school need help. The Global Humanity Initiative is preparing a program to better train the teachers and give them the tools they need to elevate their skills as educators. We are also working with experts to find ways of identifying barriers to learning, and to help foster an learning environment free of fear.

Our amazing donors will have the opportunity to lift up an entire generation of young people through this project; support of girls, specifically, can be arranged.