“We believe that medical care is a basic human right; that no individual should suffer or die just because he or she is too poor to pay for it.”

The Chhatrapati Free Clinic is the largest free clinic and hospital in Kathmandu, serving the most needy across a vast stretch of Kathmandu.

The Global Humanity Initiative has begun an annual Children’s Dental Campaign in partnership with a local dentist office on the Olympic Peninsula to ship children’s toothbrushes (and accompanying toothpastes) to the clinic. These supplies will be used during the clinic’s weekly visits to four children’s homes in the Bhaktapur area, where the children will be taught how to brush their teeth.  Children’s toothbrushes are difficult to find in Nepal, and are expensive for those who can find them. In 2019, we shipped or hand-delivered over 200 children’s toothbrushes and accompanying toothpastes. The cost for shipping these boxes comes out of our budget for this project.

Our goal for 2020, is to ship 500 toothbrushes and accompanying toothpastes to this clinic. Please help us improve the dental health for the children in the clinic’s outreach program!