One of the top-rated schools in Kathmandu, Corona School enables children to learn at their own pace and in a nonintimidating environment. Their curriculum and teaching style have won their Co-Director several International Teacher’s Awards. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Corona School whereby we provide financial assistance to girls who currently attend the school but whose parents find themselves in financial hardship. Monies are donated directly to the school on the child’s behalf, with the only requirement that the child continues to obey the rules of the school.

Driven by a desire to do more and help more children, both Co-Directors are planning to build a hostel on the grounds so that impoverished children from villages outside the city can come to stay during the week and attend school; they can return home on weekends if they wish, or remain on the grounds with their hostel caregivers.

GHI is pleased to announce that our partners at Corona School have asked our help in identifying and supporting children with a strong desire to learn but without the access to higher-quality education. Our donors will be able to directly support one or two girls by providing funds for their tuition, uniforms, books and supplies, and by enabling the school to keep the hostel running.

If you wish to learn more about this school and why we love them, explore their website.