Meet Kapitah. We’re not sure how old she is (and neither is she), but we think she’s around 74 years old. She is one of the elders living at the Senior Citizen Nursing Care Home in Pharping.

Kapitah has never walked a day in her life. In her words, she’s always been crippled like this — her legs tightly bent against her body, unable to move more than a few inches at a time. Whenever asked about her history, she cries. She refuses to discuss her life.



Despite her handicap, Kapitah bathes herself nearly every day (far more than nearly every other elder in the elder care home), and washes her laundry daily. She routinely drags her laundry up to the upper seating area, by herself, to hang it out to dry. Kapitah rarely asks for help.

While we don’t know about her background, we do know what we want for her future: We want her to smile for the first time in all her life. We want her to experience freedom, and maybe a little wind in her short hair.

We want wheels for Kapitah.

The Global Humanity Initiative is in touch with two companies and one individual who may be able to help in designing a custom-built electric wheelchair that can be constructed in Nepal, and which will give Kapitah some speed in her life. But we can’t do this without your help: Many of the components will need to be shipped, and the remaining components will need to be purchased in Nepal.

Help us give Kapitah freedom!