A shelter staff member poses with our food donations.

     In the quaint, Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, Washington, in the US, a homeless shelter shifts from a night shelter to a 24-hour shelter during the cold winter months. Every resident is over age 55; many are veterans.

     We have been fortunate to join with other community and religious organizations to help provide hot meals for dinner during the winter months. During this process, we have been collecting and sharing the stories of these wonderful residents.

Lana’s dog, Benny, guards some of our socks.

In late 2020, we held a sock drive and collected enough money purchase and deliver over 100 pairs of thermal socks to the residents. The non-profit that runs this shelter also works in outreach with other homeless persons, and so any excess socks went to others in need.

     Our plans continue for 2022 and beyond: More hot meals, more stories to share, more ways to help these folks know they are loved and appreciated as humans.