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Helping homeless elders

Assistance for the homeless

Welcome to the Global Humanity Initiative

Help us feed homeless elders

Please help us feed 500 homeless elders this holiday season. Every $10 donation provides one meal.

According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies out of Harvard University, people over 51 years of age comprise the largest growing homeless population. Can you imagine spending your golden retirement years living on the streets? Or your parents doing the same?

We are partnering with the homeless shelters in Port Angeles and Port Townsend, here in Washington State, over the next two months. We’ll be preparing dinners and helping with Thanksgiving and Christmas meals as well. But we can’t do it without your help.

Every homeless person has a story, and over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing the stories of the people we’ve met. We want you to know who you’re helping.

A special thank you to the Safeway store in Port Townsend for assisting us with this worthy project. And thank you for helping folks in need this holiday season!

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Our Projects

Protecting their rights

Protecting their rights

We partner with Women & Social Welfare Ministry in Nepal to improve conditions at an elder care home outside of Thamel, Kathmandu. Read more.

Serving homeless elders

Serving homeless elders

We take food and water to elders who’ve been forced to live in the streets and in tent cities. Read more.

Elder care home in Pharping

For every elder, a home

A community-supported home for elders with no place else to go. See how you can help them live better. Read more.

Global Humanity Initiative

“I’m very positive about your social initiative.”

You have a very nice heart. You are a beautiful soul. You are doing it selflessly for others and when you are so selfless, God is always with you.

— Devina Shrestha
Executive and Principal at Corona School