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Welcome to the Global Humanity Initiative

From the Founder

The mission of The Global Humanity Fund is to identify, support and improve the lives of impoverished children and impoverished elders around the world. Our work focus is on high quality education for girls, improved housing and healthcare for impoverished children, and improved housing for impoverished elders. We act on our belief that the children are the future of this world, and that elders should be respected and their history be cherished.

We are not renegades: We utilize stringent vetting procedures to choose NGOs around the world with whom we partner to turn great dreams into reality.

Our first construction partnership project in Nepal enabled the elder care home in Pharping, in the Kathmandu Valley, to increase capacity by 60 percent. The partnerships we created during this project have brought international volunteers to stay at the elder care center, which has opened the elders’ worlds and brought new insights to them as well as an influx in donations. Please note: Every dollar received in 2019 is going to fund our projects; all administrative expenses are coming out of my pocket. Please know that your donation will go to help these elders.

We now have an URGENT NEED for this community:

The rains this season have hit Pharping especially hard, and the dormitory building for the elder care home is crumbling; a landslide out front off the main road has come dangerously close to the building and has wiped out most of the front stairs.

landslide 1It will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to carefully deconstruct and replace this building with an appropriate, earth-quake proof home. We can’t do it alone. We need your help. Please click on the DONATE button to make a difference today.

We are all one human race. The Global Humanity Initiative believes humans can play a greater role in the lifting up of others, and we believe in giving those who are less fortunate than ourselves the means to improve their lives. My Board of Directors and I hope you will join us in this Initiative.

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Our Projects

Chhatrapati Free Clinic

Chhatrapati Free Clinic

Pioneers in health care for the poor, this free clinic and hospital dates its history to 1951. Find out more about our work with them. Read more.

Elder care home in Pharping

Elder care home in Pharping

A community-supported home for elders with no place else to go. See how you can help them live better. Read more.

Corona School

Educating children: Corona School

This top-rated school is affiliated with Cambridge University. We help educate children from the poorest villages. Read more.

Homeless senior citizens

Homeless senior citizens

Life is not easy and it’s not always fair. See how we’re helping to document their stories and improve their lives. Read more.

Global Humanity Initiative

“I’m very positive about your social initiative.”

You have a very nice heart. You are a beautiful soul. You are doing it selflessly for others and when you are so selfless, God is always with you.

— Devina Shrestha
Executive and Principal at Corona School