GHI at the nursing center

The Global Humanity Initiative


Serving homeless and
impoverished elders

Providing food and
housing support

Assistance for the homelessDoing outreach
MarilynCherishing our elders

Welcome to the Global Humanity Initiative

Our mission is to improve the lives of impoverished and homeless elders around the world through food and housing support, regardless of the elder’s race, religion, gender, sexual identity, or sexual preference. We act on our belief that elders should be respected and their history be cherished.

     We are all one human race, and we hope you will join us in this Initiative.

Our Projects

Protecting their rights

Protecting their rights

We partnered with the Women & Social Welfare Ministry in Nepal to improve conditions at an elder care home
outside of Thamel, Kathmandu.

Serving homeless elders


We take food and water to elders
who’ve been forced to live in the streets
and in tent cities.

Elder care home in Pharping

For every elder, a home

Helping community-supported care
homes and shelters for elders
with no place else to go.

Global Humanity Initiative

“I’m very positive about your social initiative.”

“You have a very nice heart. You are a beautiful soul. You are doing it selflessly for others,
and when you are so selfless, God is always with you.”

— Devina Shrestha
Executive and Principal
Corona School, Kathmandu, Nepal