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Helping homeless elders

Assistance for the homeless

Welcome to the Global Humanity Initiative

     The mission of The Global Humanity Initiative is to improve the lives of impoverished and homeless elders around the world by providing food and housing support, regardless of the elder’s religion, race, gender, sexual identity, or sexual preference. We act on our belief that elders should be respected and their history be cherished.

     According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 6 elders experience some form of abuse every year. The United Nations has long recognized that the population of elders will continue to grow in the coming years across all countries, and the WHO predicts the number of cases of abuse will rise in proportion to the growing population.

     The UN has created an 18-point list of principles to guide governments and organizations as they care for their growing population of elders. At the top of this list: “Older persons should have access to adequate food, water, shelter, clothing and health care,” and, “Older persons should be able to live in environments that are safe and adaptable to personal preferences and changing capacities.”

     As a global organization, we seek out other non-profits who uphold these guidelines of compassionate care for our elders. All of our global partners have been fully vetted, and uphold the standards of care that all of us would hope to obtain when we are older and dependent on others.

     We are all one human race. The Global Humanity Initiative believes humans can play a greater role in the lifting up of others, and we believe in giving those who are less fortunate than ourselves the means to improve their lives. My Board of Directors and I hope you will join us in this Initiative.

Thank you!
Alicia, Catherine, Lana, and Maia
The Global Humanity Initiative

Our Projects

Protecting their rights

Protecting their rights

We partner with Women & Social Welfare Ministry in Nepal to improve conditions at an elder care home outside of Thamel, Kathmandu. Read more.

Serving homeless elders

Serving homeless elders

We take food and water to elders who’ve been forced to live in the streets and in tent cities. Read more.

Elder care home in Pharping

For every elder, a home

A community-supported home for elders with no place else to go. See how you can help them live better. Read more.

Global Humanity Initiative

“I’m very positive about your social initiative.”

You have a very nice heart. You are a beautiful soul. You are doing it selflessly for others and when you are so selfless, God is always with you.

— Devina Shrestha
Executive and Principal at Corona School