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Welcome to the Global Humanity Initiative

To our amazing donors and supporters:

Dear Donors and Supporters:

     I genuinely hope that each one of you is healthy and well. We are all living in both frightening and challenging times, and all of humanity is – quite literally – in this together.

     Today, I am writing to you to advise you of a change of focus for The Global Humanity Initiative. After careful consideration, my Board and I have voted unanimously to focus only on providing food and housing support to homeless elders around the world for the foreseeable future. We do not make this decision lightly: We understand that a number of you have donated specifically to support girls’ education, and those monies have been ear-marked and set aside. When an opportunity presents itself, we will support a girl in her education and advise you of the success you’ve created.

     There are many organizations – both large and small – which support children in need, and we admire their work and dedication. There are, however, very few organizations which support our elders. Grants for children and children’s education are numerous; grants to support elders in any way are few and far between.

     No doubt, this change brings up many questions for some of you. Please feel free to reach out to me at the email address below, and I will be happy to answer your questions.

     We are watching reports out of Nepal during this difficult time. As recently as March 23, Nepal reportedly had only two confirmed cases of COVID-19, and in an effort to ensure this does not spread further, the government has understandably instituted a lockdown of all residents.

Latest news

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This lockdown, however, has led to hardships for everyone there, and we see and hear of reports of people being arrested in the street for simply going out to buy more propane for their stoves.

     During the rest of 2020, we will continue to keep in touch with our contacts inside Nepal, and to research the effects these hardships have had on the elders. We will keep you appraised of the news from time to time.

     For more news, you can follow us on social media: Instagram @global_humanity_initiative, and Facebook @gl_humanity. We’ll be sharing photos and videos of our trips and work through the years.

     Thank you, as always, for your support and for putting your trust in us.


Alicia Jean Demetropolis
President and Founder

Our Projects

Protecting their rights

Protecting their rights

We partner with Women & Social Welfare Ministry in Nepal to improve conditions at an elder care home outside of Thamel, Kathmandu. Read more.

Serving homeless elders

Serving homeless elders

We take food and water to elders who’ve been forced to live in the streets and in tent cities. Read more.

Elder care home in Pharping

For every elder, a home

A community-supported home for elders with no place else to go. See how you can help them live better. Read more.

Global Humanity Initiative

“I’m very positive about your social initiative.”

You have a very nice heart. You are a beautiful soul. You are doing it selflessly for others and when you are so selfless, God is always with you.

— Devina Shrestha
Executive and Principal at Corona School