Approximately 170km east of Guatemala City, sits the little city of Esquipulas. We are fortunate to support the Hogar para Ancianos Betania, which is run by four nuns from the Congregation of Martha and Mary.

As with an increasing number of elders around the world, most of the residents at Hogar Betania have been abandoned by their families. The nuns do outreach into the community in order to find those elders in need of love, compassion, and a family. Recently, we were able to provide a little support towards the home’s expenses.


new refrigeratorOur donation purchased a new refrigerator — the home’s first ever! — plus two weeks’ worth of food, and a special feast for the elders’ lunch.


We feel fortunate to have found Hogar Betania, and to share in their joy of caring for abandoned and homeless elders. With our donors’ help, we will be able to continue to provide assistance for the nuns’ work for years to come.

Dona Maria, healthy and walking again.






Please meet Dona Maria, who was found by her neighbor in very poor health, and unable to walk. She had been abandoned by her daughters. While being nursed back to health at Hogar Betania, her daughters took ownership of her cherished little home. Dona Maria has a new family now, and is showered with compassion every day.