Rudra in NepalIn late 2019, Rudra found his way to the Senior Citizen Nursing Care Home in Pharping. All four of his sons lived in the area, right there in Pharping. He told Shaha, the young man who runs the elder care home, that his sons told him they couldn’t afford to feed him anymore. He said that he went out into the street, thinking, “I will walk, and where I drop, I will die.”

Shaha invited Rudra to join them at the elder care home early in the mornings for tea and breakfast, and to stay all day until dinner. He’d be able to enjoy fresh, filtered water, and snacks during the day. Shaha even offered him a place to sleep during the day if he needed to.

We all thought that Rudra was going back to one of his sons’ homes to sleep, only to discover that they had also started to put him into the streets many nights, saying they didn’t have room for him anymore. Shaha moved quickly to find room for him at the elder care home, and he was welcomed in by the others. Soon after moving Rudra into the home, Shaha discovered that Rudra’s children gave away — or threw away — all of their father’s belongings long ago. All he had were the clothes on his back.

With support from the community and from The Global Humanity Initiative, Rudra now has new clothes, a new home, and a new family.