Less than 20km outside Kathmandu, is the home to religious and spiritual sites for both Hindus and Buddhists: Pharping.

We are proud to provide support for the Senior Citizen Nursing Care Home in Pharping, Kathmandu, in Nepal.

Currently, we are paying for a full-time, private caregiver to attend to an elderly resident who has been crippled her entire life, and who is now bedridden. Kapitah has never told anyone the story of her life. She has only cried when asked. Our goal is to keep her clean, dry, and as healthy as possible during these last months she has remaining.

Bedridden Kapitah being fed

In the past years, our donors have provided the funds for a new wash facility, a new washing machine, and grounds improvements, along with financial support for food and housing expenses.

Pharping home

The original wash facility was badly damaged during the 2015 earthquakes, and was liable to collapse any day. With help from our donors, the non-profit that runs this home in Pharping was able to free up two rooms in the dormitory — one room had been used for keeping supplies of food donations, and the other room had been used as an office. Now, the food supplies and the office are located on the second floor of the new wash facility, which allows the elder care home to take in an additional six residents, if needed. On the left is the old facility; on the right is the new facility.

Grounds improvements enable the elders to move about with greater safety on the property.


Lastly, we were able to replace their semi-automatic washing machine (which, essentially, was an agitator, and required the user to add water, drain, etc., then transfer the clothes to a spinner), with a modern, front-loading washing machine. Several of the elders are experiencing the challenges that happen as the body ages, and this is increasing the wash load for the caregivers.