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Does it feel as if 2021 ran longer than 2020?

That’s kind of how it feels to me…as if 2021 had a lot more than 365 days in it.

Fortunately, that year is behind us, and we have a new one to start fresh. Our friends at the shelter in Port Townsend are staying as warm as possible. We’ve had some awful weather here. Mother Nature dumped more than two feet of snow on us at the end of December, then quickly followed it with frighteningly low temps ranging from 24F (-4C) down to 12F (-11C). This is not normal for our area! The shelter is quite literally saving lives right now.

Safeway Food & Drug in Port Townsend came to the rescue, as usual. Since I was not about to get on the road for the long and winding drive to Port Townsend those last few nights, the folks at Safeway helped me coordinate everything with the shelter, and two nights’ worth of meals were quickly squared away. One of the monitors managed to snap a few photos of the food from the second night: Fresh, hot roasted chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy, plus veggies. It was welcomed by all!

There is more winter to get through, and more warm meals will be needed. Your help will make a difference to others!

Stay safe and warm, everyone,

Alicia Jean Demetropolis
The Global Humanity Initiative

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