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Please meet Madre Vilma, the Mother Superior in Esquipulas.


Here is her story of how she came to dedicate her life to serving elders.


The elderly are living stories, older people of experiences, young of heart. My beloved congregation has taught me that to see an old man, a child, a needy young man, is to see Jesus himself. I can say that it is my vocation to take care of grandparents because it is to work without change to anything. One does not wait for the grandparent to pay him; rather one receives benediction every time one does a favor for the grandparent. They are also people who seek love, charity and understanding, so then the last years or days they have left to live must be filled with love, with caring and understanding, that perhaps they never received before. They need to be seen, loved, and helped.


I never thought that someday I would care for grandparents. The only thing I sought was to serve God. Now that I am religious, I feel fulfilled in what I do and I am happy, and give thanks to my congregation who gave me the opportunity to provide my service.


God every day is teaching us the way, and is the one who inspires me every day to do it in the best way. When I entered the congregation, I thought I came alone to pray, but now I have realized that serving those who need it also becomes prayer.


We lead a balanced life here, for the Congregation of Marta y Maria believes in both action and prayer.


Those are my answers to the questions you asked me. I hope it helps. I hope we can find more sponsors to support and collaborate with you, to help us help those who need it.


Let’s make the one who doesn’t, smile.


 ~~ * ~~


I hope that everyone who receives this email, regardless of whether you are able to financially support us or not, remains in good health and in good spirits throughout this holiday season.


With love,
Alicia Jean Demetropolis
President and Founder
The Global Humanity Iniatiative

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